• Where do I find the prices for your items on your homepage?

     We cannot name prices on our homepage as we deliver our products exclusively to specialist dealers. Please contact your dealers for some price information. 

  • How do I find hauck dealers?

     Our online dealers can be found in our online dealer list. 

  • How and where do I order hauck accessories such as rain cover ?

     These products can be purchased at our dealers. 

  • What is a Trio Set?

     You obtain a Trio Set with three components - a car seat, a carry cot and a stroller. They are perfect to accompany you from the very beginning.  

  • What is an Easy-Fix system?

     This term means that the carry cot and the car seat can be fixed on the stroller in only a few easy steps. No additional adapters are needed.

  • Where do I find manuals?

     You find manuals on our homepage under each product.

  • How can I get hold of your department?

     You can contact us by phone: +44 (0)1978-664362, mail: info@hauckuk.com, or with our service contact form.

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