Sit'n Relax

  • Chaise -haute a hauteur reglable utilisable des la naissance
  • Combinaison pratique pour accessoire chaise-haute ou bebe
  • Fixation pour nouveau-ne avec arche de jeu
  • Accessoires pour chaise-haute avec dossier et repose-pied ajustable
  • removable and depth-adjustable food tray

Sit'n Relax
Sit'n Relax - Bear Beige 66522

Sit'n Relax

  • baby attachment:
  • from 0 month
  • play bow with cute figures
  • 3-point harness for safety
  • one-hand adjustment of back rest
  • height-adjustable

  • high chair attachment:
  • from 6 months
  • detachable food tray
  • 5-point harness for safety
  • one-hand adjustment of back rest
  • adjustable foot rest
  • height-adjustable

Sit'n Relax

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The ideal high chair for newborns.

The Sit’n Relax is a very practical high chair combination with a baby and a high chair attachment. The attachments are 7-position adjustable in height.

The snuggly baby attachment can be used from birth. No matter at which table: your little one will always sit at eye level with you and participate in all family events thanks to the 7-position height-adjustment. You can recline the back rest of the baby attachment until the lying position is reached by using only one hand. This way, your child will lie comfortably in its baby attachment. A sweet mobile promotes the motor skills of your baby. It can be swung aside or removed completely.

Once your baby can sit unaided, use the high chair attachment. The wide and ergonomically shaped seat is very comfortable. The back rest can be brought into the lying position by using only one hand and the foot rest can be adjusted individually to the size of your child.

The 5-point harness and the additionally applied plastic holder provide a secure hold when your baby is sitting in its little chair and eating with you at the table. You can adjust the food and play tray in depth for ideal legroom. The useful cup recess gives drinks a secure hold and its raised rim ensures that nothing will fall off. Nevertheless, the food and play tray can be removed for cleaning without any problems if necessary.

When your child grows older and when the food tray is no longer needed, it can be hung to the frame easily.

Toys or other items can be stowed in the large storage basket. If necessary, the Sit’n Relax can be moved around by its two wheels or folded up to save space.

Thanks to its dual function, you can use the Sit’n Relax for long time. The Sit’n Relax – the multifunctional starter set from birth onwards.

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  • Cadre
  • Fixation nouveau-ne
  • Fixation chaise-haute
  • Plateau repas
  • Arche de jeu
  • Panier rangement
  • Roues
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Großer Korb Großer Korb OK
Rollen Rollen OK
Abwaschbar Abwaschbar OK
Abmessungen und Gewichte
Maße zusammengelegt (max.) Maße zusammengelegt (max.) 30 x 53 x 93 cm
Maße aufgebaut Maße aufgebaut 84 x 58 x 105 cm
Aufsatz: Hochstuhl für Neugeborene Aufsatz: Hochstuhl für Neugeborene 1,7 kg
Aufsatz: Kinderhochstuhl Aufsatz: Kinderhochstuhl 3,3 kg
Gewicht Gestell Gewicht Gestell 5,4 kg
Nettogewicht Einzelartikel (ohne Karton) Nettogewicht Einzelartikel (ohne Karton) 10,4 kg
Höhenverstellung Hochstuhl für Neugeborene Höhenverstellung Hochstuhl für Neugeborene OK
Verstellbare Liegefläche Verstellbare Liegefläche OK
Einhand-Rückenlehnenverstellung Einhand-Rückenlehnenverstellung OK
abnehmbarer Bezug abnehmbarer Bezug OK
Verstellbares und abnehmbares Mobile Verstellbares und abnehmbares Mobile OK
3-Punkt-Gurtsystem 3-Punkt-Gurtsystem OK
Ab 0 Monaten bis 9 kg Ab 0 Monaten bis 9 kg OK
Höhenverstellung Kinderhochstuhl Höhenverstellung Kinderhochstuhl OK
Abnehmbares und tiefenverstellbares Essbrett Abnehmbares und tiefenverstellbares Essbrett OK
Essbrett mit Bechervertiefung Essbrett mit Bechervertiefung OK
Verstellbare Rückenlehne Verstellbare Rückenlehne 3 x
Einhand-Rückenlehnenverstellung Einhand-Rückenlehnenverstellung OK
Verstellbare Fußstütze Verstellbare Fußstütze 2 x
5-Punkt-Gurtsystem 5-Punkt-Gurtsystem OK
Ab 6 Monaten bis 15 kg Ab 6 Monaten bis 15 kg OK
Empfohlener Altersbereich
Ab 0 Monaten bis 9 kg Ab 0 Monaten bis 9 kg OK
Ab 6 Monaten bis 15 kg Ab 6 Monaten bis 15 kg OK
Maße Verpackung Maße Verpackung 55 x 33 x 73 cm
Nettogewicht Einzelartikel (ohne Karton) Nettogewicht Einzelartikel (ohne Karton) 10,4 kg
Bruttogewicht Einzelartikel (inkl. Karton) Bruttogewicht Einzelartikel (inkl. Karton) 12,55 kg
  • PRACTICAL Parenting and Pregnancy Awards 2011/2012 Gold INNOVATIV PRODUCT £ 30+

    Mothers give the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Award in GOLD to the Sit'n Relax highchair combination. The newborn and infant attachment are not only practical and easy to swap, but also equipped with many features.

  • Right Start Best Baby Essentials Best Investment Product Award in Gold 2012

    The hauck Sit'n Relax is extremely practical and multifunctional. It grows along with your child over many years. Because the money is well invested for the Sit'n Relax, this highchair receives the award "Best Investment Product" and a glass trophy.

  • What's good to do

    Readers of "What's good to do" have tested the hauck Sit'n Relax over a long period of time and are extremely enthusiastic about its functionality and practicality.

  • Right Start Best Baby Essentials Gold 2012

    The hauck Sit'n Relax highchair combination is the ideal starter equipment for your baby. This is also the opinion of the Right Start magazine and therefore it gives the "Right Start Best Baby Essentials" Award in GOLD to the hauck Sit'n Relax..